29 March, 2016

SoSueMe Goodie Bag

Hello ladies! Hope you are all keeping well.
Today I'm coming to you with a post on the SoSueMe Goodie Bag. This is going to be the last of posts about the SoSueMe Workshop.

Overall the SoSueMe Workshop was amazing from start to finish. I had a great time meeting Suzanne and just hanging out with my girls.I loved the presentation of the goodie bag.
The goodies were in a handy SoSueMe bag, that I have hung in my room ;)

The contents of the goodie bag however... I was a little disappointed. We were promised that the contents will be worth €50, but this time there were worth maybe €25. I have seen on Sue's snapchat previous goodie bags and they were literally loaded with items. To be honest, it looked like the goodie bags were filled with stuff that were left over from the Wexford Workshop.

Anyways, I am still super excited to try out all of the things from my goodie bag. These are the things I got in my bag.

1. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water (€5.99) & Declare Cleansing Milk (€2.50 - 50ml)
Full price for the Declare Cleansing Milk is €19.95 per 400ml.

2. Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste (€4.99)  & Toothbrush (€1.50)
As you can see, I have already started to use this toothpaste. It is in fact black in colour, and it causes the toothbrush bristles to go black a little, but I must admit... It is amazing for your teeth. I will make an update about this toothpaste in a couple of weeks time to let you know if it actually works.

3. SoSu Vanilla Sky Nail Polish (€7.99) & PS Silicone Compact Mirror (€1.50)

All items from the goodie bag are useful but like I said earlier... I'm a little bit disappointed with the quantity.

Thank you Suzanne, for liking my selfie with you on Instagram. It made my day! <3

That's all for today :) Talk to you all later!


  1. This shade of blue actually looks gorgeous on your nails on Instagram picture

    1. It's a lovely colour, although it looks different in real life.

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