21 March, 2016

SoSueMe Workshop Rundown - Part 1

Hi all!
Yesterday, two of my friends and I went attended the SoSueMe Workshop in the Galway Bay Hotel. And let me tell you... it was WOW! I was so excited to be there and to meet Suzanne Jackson.

We arrived at the hotel at 10:30 and waited a little to get registered. There was about 250 girls that attended the workshop. We got a lovely table, close to the stage with a clear view of everything. There were nail techs doing nails using Sue's S/S 2016 colours.

My friends went to get their nails done, however... they were not happy with it. The nail techs did not pay attention as to how they do the nails, and the result was not appealing.

There was a second stand that sold Sue's Complete Contour Palettes and her nail polishes. I was really tempted to buy it, but decided not to in the end and wait until the official restock in April.

Firstly, Suzanne talked about her journey and a little about blogging. I learned a lot and it was a very interesting talk.

There was 2 professional makeup demos. One using the airbrush technique, which Sue actually had on herself for the workshop, and the second was a simple nude/bronze smokey eye tutorial. Both demos were very good. Suzanne and the MUAs were talking us through them. Sue was also asking them questions about the products, brushes and the techniques. The audience also had a chance to ask their questions several times.

After that, there was a fashion show. There was 15 outfits put together by Sue from River Island, Oasis and Warehouse. The outfits were very well coordinated, but a little pricey for my taste.

The first part of the Workshop ended with some Afternoon tea / coffee and finger food, which was very tasty but not diet friendly ;) I enjoyed the first part of the workshop. Suzanne is a born presenter and this was shown in the workshop. I can't remember a time when there was an awkward silence. She always kept us entertained.

That's the run down of the first part of the SoSueMe Workshop in Galway.
Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, however I had to zoom in and the pictures came out a little blurry.
Talk to you later! :)

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