24 March, 2016

SoSueMe Workshop Rundown - Part 2

Hi everyone!
It's time for part 2 of the SoSueMe Workshop Rundown. I hope you liked my previous post. I have decided to split it in two, as I felt the post would be too long with all the pictures. I will also have another post about the SoSueMe Goodie Bags, and this will be the final of the posts about the SoSueMe Workshop in Galway.

After lunch, Suzanne presented us with her Contour / Brush Demo. She used her own Contour Palette and her own Crown Brushes to show us how to use both of them. This was very useful for anyone that wants to contour in general not just using Sue's products.

(C) Crownbrush.ie & SoSu.ie

Sue also gave a talk through her new Spring/Summer 2016 nail polish collection. I was glad I got one of the colour (Vanilla Sky - pictured below) in my goodie bag. Not only it's a lovely baby blue colour but I also wanted to review her nail polishes but never had the chance to buy one. Now however I will need to invest in the base and top coat to review the product fully.
(C) SoSu.ie
Suzanne also briefly talked about her upcoming products. She did mention that her lashes should be out by July this year, which I am super excited for! She also mentioned about developing the Contour Palette in different shades. What caught my attention though is that she said that she is developing many new products, that I literally can't wait to get my hands on ;)

In the end there was a raffle and prizes were given for Best Instagram, Best Tweet and Best Dressed. I was fully committed to win the Best Instagram, but as expected I didn't win it... :(

And finally, the most exciting part for me anyways was actually meeting Suzanne and taking a few pictures with her. You can see how nervous I was in the picture below. I was literally shaking! She is a really lovely and a beautiful woman. I told her about my blog, and how that I was very excited to meet her.

To conclude, if she decides to come back to Galway, I will definitely go again. Not only it's a great day out, but there is a lot of opportunities to learn and make contacts as well. Overall I loved the workshop. I can't wait to have the opportunity to meet Suzanne again.

I hope you enjoyed my SoSueMe Rundown. Next time I will post about the SoSueMe Goodie Bag.
Talk to you all soon! :)

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