26 April, 2016

New Look & Penneys Clothes Haul

Hi, everyone! How are you all today?

As you may know from my previous posts, I'm going to Tenerife this summer with my boyfriend and the squad :) We went to pick up the last bits and pieces for our trip (except for my heels... still need to get them). So today, I want to show you what I got from the New Look sale and Penneys. You can check out my previous haul HERE .By the way, excuse the lighting in the pictures, but I couldn't do anything about it! The sun was literally beaming into my window and even the blinds didn't help. Enjoy!

Ok, so I got this cropped, black t-shirt in New Look. I wasn't going to get it at first because it's cropped, but then I thought... Feck it. It was €4.

23 April, 2016

My Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

Hello Darlings! How are you all keeping?

Today I would like to show you my eyeshadow palettes. In total I have 6 palettes - 5 from W7 and one from Sleek Makeup.

I got the Sleek Eyeshadow Palette after a review from a blogger. I got the Storm eyeshadow palette. I think it's very good if you want a natural makeup with nudes and browns, but also for a more smokey look with the bottom half of the palette.

20 April, 2016

Mini Makeup Haul

Hello ladies! How are you all today?
Today, I'm coming to you with my first make up haul.

I have showed you recently in my Eyebrow Routine post that I bought a wax pencil for my eyebrows. The problem I had though is that I didn't have a sharper for it... The pencil is bigger than the usual eye pencils, so it didn't fit in my existing sharper. I got my hands on this sharper from Essence. It is double sided, therefore you can sharpen both thin and thick pencils. The sharper costs €1.30.

17 April, 2016

EMPTIES - April 2016

Hi all :) I hope you are all keeping well. Today I'm coming to you with a different kind of post. I have noticed that many youtubers do this so I said, why not? Today's post is about my empties, clearly speaking I'm going to show you the products that I have used over the past weeks / months and tell you if they were a hit or a miss.

Skin & Body Care
Okay, let me tell you girls, if you are looking for a good shampoo that will not make your hair greasy in a day (I'm talking to you, L'Oreal!) go to Lidl and get this shampoo.

14 April, 2016

GlossyBox APRIL 2016 - Unboxing

Hi everyone! I have received my April GlossyBox in the post a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with you. I was super excited to get this box, as this time it's the proper monthly box rather than a starter box. You can read about my GlossyBox Starter Kit unboxing HERE. Let's get to it!

This is how the box looks. Nothing changed really aesthetically, except for the contents of course.

11 April, 2016

Mini Summer Clothes Haul

Hi all! How is everyone doing?
My boyfriend and I went for a little shopping trip to Dublin. Well actually, we had to sort out his passport, but you know... I couldn't resist not going into shops. Typical me!
Anyways I didn't buy much, but it's a step closer to have all the clothes I need for Tenerife. Take a look at what I ordered online for Tenefire HERE :)

Ok, so I bought this beautiful white skater dress in H&M. Guess how much it was? It was only €10! It's perfect for those romantic walks on the beach at night ;)

07 April, 2016

Glossy Box STARTER KIT - Unboxing

Hello ladies! How are you all keeping?
At the end of March I decided to subscribe to a beauty delivery box. I have done some research and had discovered BirchBox and GlossyBox. I had to choose one of them. I decided to go with GlossyBox, as they seem to send full size products more often than BirchBox.
I decided to go along with a quarterly subscription which costed £38.25 (about €50) - all the prices are available on the GlossyBox website. Here is what I got in my STARTER BOX.

I adore the presentation of the box! It's a proper, sturdy box that can be reused at home, which is what I have already done :) In the box you get a leaflet with all the product descriptions and prices. The products are packaged in a pink tissue with a black ribbon around it. I absolutely love it!

04 April, 2016

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water - REVIEW

Hi all! Hope this post finds you well.

Today, I'm coming to you with a product review. I got the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water in my SoSueMe Goodie Bag.

I know the Simple brand, but never got the chance to use it. Main reason is the price of their products - for example €4.49 for 25 cleansing wipes... no, thank you.

01 April, 2016

Tenerife Shopping List

Hi all!
Myself, my boyfriend and a couple of our friends are going to Tenerife this May. I literally can't wait, but before anything I need to do some shopping. I am out on the hunt for a few swimming suits and beach dresses.

I have looked up online for styles of the mentioned above, and here is my Tenerife shopping list!
The below pictures represent what I have bought. I can't wait for them to arrive and show you how they look in real life!

1. Swimsuits