11 April, 2016

Mini Summer Clothes Haul

Hi all! How is everyone doing?
My boyfriend and I went for a little shopping trip to Dublin. Well actually, we had to sort out his passport, but you know... I couldn't resist not going into shops. Typical me!
Anyways I didn't buy much, but it's a step closer to have all the clothes I need for Tenerife. Take a look at what I ordered online for Tenefire HERE :)

Ok, so I bought this beautiful white skater dress in H&M. Guess how much it was? It was only €10! It's perfect for those romantic walks on the beach at night ;)

The next thing I bought is a jeans bralette in Bershka. I wasn't going to buy it, as let's be honest... it is very revealing. But my boyfriend insisted on it, and so I did. I have to admit though, it's gorgeous. The bralette was €7.99.

The last I bought is also from Bershka. It's a beautiful "flannel" shirt. I'm not sure if I will take it with me on holidays, I still have to make up my mind but I think it's perfect for work. The shirt costed €12.59 down from €17.99 as it was on promotion.

One of my swimsuits came in the post last week. It's a black and white bikini. I honestly can't wait until I get to wear those clothes. May can't come fast enough! Here is how it looks:

That's all for today. I hope you liked my tiny clothes haul. Thanks for reading!

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