26 April, 2016

New Look & Penneys Clothes Haul

Hi, everyone! How are you all today?

As you may know from my previous posts, I'm going to Tenerife this summer with my boyfriend and the squad :) We went to pick up the last bits and pieces for our trip (except for my heels... still need to get them). So today, I want to show you what I got from the New Look sale and Penneys. You can check out my previous haul HERE .By the way, excuse the lighting in the pictures, but I couldn't do anything about it! The sun was literally beaming into my window and even the blinds didn't help. Enjoy!

Ok, so I got this cropped, black t-shirt in New Look. I wasn't going to get it at first because it's cropped, but then I thought... Feck it. It was €4.

The second thing I got in New Look was a cream blouse. It's made out of a gorgeous, flowy material. The blouse cost me €7. I was looking for a shirt / blouse like that for ages, and finally, I found it! Also, it was on sale ;)

So, I couldn't resist myself and got another similar blouse. This one is slightly different. It's made out of a linen material and is more like a tunic rather than a blouse. I also got it in New Look and it was €8.

I only went to Penneys to get shoes, but I noticed those beautiful shorts with a crochet detail. Aren't they lovely? Those shorts were €13.

And now, the shoes. I got a pair of white sandals in Penneys. I love the metal detail. I think they would go with any outfit. The sandals were €6.

And lastly, I got a pair of flip flops. I wanted to get them, so I can wear them in the apartment and when going down to the pool. I absolutely love the colour and the Aztec design. The flip flops are also from Penneys and they were €1.50.

Oh and I forgot to mention, my online clothes also arrived, so I will haul them soon.

What are you favourite summer clothes? Did you get anything from the New Look sale?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! :)


  1. ladne rzeczy :) ale mam pytanko, czemu prowadzisz bloga po ang? ;)

    1. Hej :) Wiesz, od 10 lat mieszkam w Irlandii i jest mi po prostu Å‚atwiej. Pozdrawiam! ;)