01 April, 2016

Tenerife Shopping List

Hi all!
Myself, my boyfriend and a couple of our friends are going to Tenerife this May. I literally can't wait, but before anything I need to do some shopping. I am out on the hunt for a few swimming suits and beach dresses.

I have looked up online for styles of the mentioned above, and here is my Tenerife shopping list!
The below pictures represent what I have bought. I can't wait for them to arrive and show you how they look in real life!

1. Swimsuits

2. Beach wear

3. Shoes
(Yet to be bought)
(C) Primark 

In relation to the shoes I want something that I can go on the beach in like the flip flops with the gorgeous gold detail. When going to get something to eat or for a walk the white sandals are perfect. Of course, I could not forget some heels for going out to the clubs ;) I will also take my converses and balerinas for comfort. 

Only 7 weeks left and I can't wait!
That's all for today :) 

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