02 May, 2016

My Gel Nails Journey

Hello ladies. How are you all keeping? Today I would like to write how it came about that I started to do my nails.

My first ever encounter with false nails were actually acrylic nails. I started to do them on myself. However my nail plate is... weird and they only stayed on for a couple of days. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from those days.
My second gel polish nails

Then my best friend from college introduced me to gel polish. I started to extend my nails with tips and applying gel polish onto it. I was doing gel polish nails with tips for 11 months. However, back then I was still working as a laundry assistant and because gel polish is to be applied thinly, my nails had no chance of surviving at work :( I needed something that was stronger than gel polish without it being acrylic, so I decided to buy myself a beginner's gel nails kit.
My favourite gel polish nails

I have been practicing gel nails on myself for a couple of months. They stay on for weeks. I change them every 2 - 3 weeks, firstly because my nails grow so fast under gel and secondly I get bored fairly quickly of the colour and design.
My first ever gel nails

Couple of weeks ago, my friend "sacrificed" her nails and for the first time I did nails on someone else than me. I was fairly happy with the result and I hope my friend was too.
My friend's gel nails - first time ever doing gel nails on someone else

I also did my nails during that weekend, however for my colour I used the SOSU "Vanilla Sky" Nail Polish that I will review soon ;)
Gel base and SOSU "Vanilla Sky" Polish

I guess all that is left for me to do now is practice. Eventually I will get better at it every time I get to do nails on someone.

As a side note, I will be doing my nails for Tenerife. My friend and her mom also asked me to do their nails. I will show the outcome on my Facebook page! So go ahead and like it :)

Do you girls get your nails done? Are they acrylic, gel or gel polish?

That's all for today! Thank you for reading.


  1. Ja nie przepadam za żelowymi paznokami, preferuję zwykły lakier. Piękny pierścionek!

  2. nails were nice and now I get a good idea, thanks