30 May, 2016

OSHUNwhite - First Impression

Hi all! How are you all doing today? Before our departure to Tenerife, I got my OSHUNwhite Teeth Whitening set in the post. I only peeked inside to check out how the product looks and let me tell you... it's striking. Okay so let's get to it.

The sachets come in a beautiful sleek box. The box is actually really impressive; sturdy yet delicate if you know what I mean :)

When you open the box you get a leaflet explain how to use the product and the different tastes that are available. Underneath this information leaflet is the product itself. In the box, you get 14 sachets. One sachet to be used daily. The way you use this product is, you pour the contents of the sachet into your mouth and wiggle it around (like a mouthwash) for about 5-15 mins.

I am going to start testing the product tonight. In about 2 weeks, I will post a follow up showing you the results. I am so curious and so excited to try it, as I have been thinking for a while now to get my teeth whitened. Oil pulling is a great, organic way to whiten your teeth that will provide a natural effect... hopefully!

Overall, I am very impressed with the presentation of the sachets and the box. I think I'm going to keep the box because it's divine. I hope that the product does what the brand promises and that after the two weeks my teeth will be at least a shade whiter.

You can order your own box with 14 sachets on the OSHUNwhite website for only £20 with free delivery.

Have you tried naturally whitening your teeth? What products have you used? Thank you all for reading and see you all on Wednesday! :)

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