09 May, 2016

OSHUNwhite Teeth Whitening

Hello, ladies! This post is going to be short but informative. It's more of an announcement rather than anything else. I'm so excited to disclose this, you have no idea!

I have been selected to represent OSHUNwhite as a Natural Beauty Ambassador. OSHUNwhite is a natural health and beauty company based in the UK. OSHUNwhite offers oil pulling products for teeth whitening.

Those products ensure that our teeth are naturally whiter without the use of harsh ingredients. The main ingredient in their products is Virgin Coconut Oil.

(c) OSHUNwhite

I have already ordered my oils and a tongue cleaner from their website. The oils come in 14 separate sachets - one per day. You may choose from 4 flavours - Spearmint, Peppermint, Crushed Lime or Wild Cherry.

(C) OSHUNwhite

The company offers free shipping worldwide. Wherever you are in the world you will get the product for free.

Once I get my oils and try them out, I will post an honest review. If you want to order your oils, you may do so on OSHUNwhite.com. The oils cost £20.00 for 14 sachets. The tongue cleaner costs £5.00.

That is all for today. I'm so excited to try them out. What are your teeth whitening methods? Do you think that oil pulling is effective?


  1. Great! Thanks for the wonderful information! How to fix teeth gap

    1. No problem! I'm in the process of trying out their products. I will post an honest opinion on my blog when I finish the sachets :)