27 May, 2016

Tenerife Round Up

Hello ladies! I am back, after almost 2 weeks of laying down in the sun. Today, I am coming to you with a short round-up of our trip to Tenerife. The island is absolutely beautiful with some gorgeous beaches, the volcano and the cliffs. I would really want to come back in a few years.

My boyfriend and I arrived a day earlier than the rest of our friends. We got to the hotel and to be honest at first we weren't impressed. It was fairly plain, but after sitting in the apartment for a while we learned to love it. After dinner, we decided to go for a walk to the town of Costa Adeje. We got some Sangria on the beach and stayed there for a while. The way back up to the hotel was a little bit more difficult than the way down, not only because we were after a couple of glasses of the wine but also the hotel was situated on a hill... so you can imagine that it wasn't so easy going back.

On the second night, everyone else arrived and we showed them around. On the second night, we decided to stay in and have some drink at out friends' apartment and try out their jacuzzi. The second night was actually the worst... my level of alcohol was, hmm... way above my limit. So I think I am going to skip describing how the night ended for me.

Even though I was not feeling great the following day, we went to visit Loro Parque. Loro Parque is a zoo located in the North of the island in Puerto de la Cruz about an hour from Costa Adeje. We went to see a few shows involving the dolphins, orcas and sea lions. The shows were absolutely stunning.

After day 3 I cannot remember the order that our excursions happen, so I'm just going to describe them as they are in my head. I do have to mention that we went downtown almost everynight. We also went on a 2 hour trip on jet skis! You guys... it was the best thing ever. Every time we go on holidays jet skis will have to be involved. It was such an amazing experience - the speed, the dolphins near us, the views, the swim in the ocean. I want to do it on every holiday!

During our stay we went to the largest aquapark in Europe - Siam Park. I felt totally in my spirit when I was there. We went on all the slides... twice! This park is definitely a place I would recommend to visit if you are ever going on holidays in Tenerife. There was only one slide that I was too scared to go on, but my boyfriend and 3 of our friends went on it and said that the adrenaline rush on it, is very high! The slide is called Tower of Power. My favourite rides were "The Dragon", "The Volcano" and "The Kinnaree".
(c) Tower of Power - toptenerifeattractions.com

The one excursion that I was disappointed in was the Royal Delfin cruise. We got a 4.5h ticket that included drinks, food and a swim in the Masca Bay. Of course, I had to swim. I wouldn't be me if I didn't go the water. My boyfriend joined me for about 20 seconds but decided that the water was too cold and left :) To be honest, the cruise was so boring. Almost everyone fell asleep. I would not recommend.

On our stay, we went for a walk around to the neighbouring town called Las Americas. The beach and the town were absolutely stunning. It was so beautiful out there, that we went there for a walk twice! Playa de las Americas was definitely posher. All the expensive brands were located there. It is something that I am not into simply because I can't afford it. However, ladies... there was one shop that I was freaking excited to see - Kiko Milano. I have found out about Kiko through KathleenLights' channel and really wanted to try out some of the products. I will do a Kiko Haul in the next blog post.

Overall, the trip was so good that I didn't want to come back to Ireland! We promised ourselves that we will go on all-inclusive holidays every year and I really want to keep that promise. I recommend Tenerife with all my heart as a holiday destination for both adventure and more peaceful people.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post. Did you go on holidays anywhere? What is your fave holiday destination? Let me know!

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