24 June, 2016

eBay Brushes Haul - Part 1

Hi all! How is everyone? I have ordered some brushes from eBay - 3 sets to be exact. I usually order brushes from eBay because I do not feel guilty about spending about €30 on 3 sets of brushes. If I were to buy the same amount of brushes in the shop I would spend about €150. So you know, much more budget friendly.

The first set that I received are the fake Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection brushes. When I first saw these in Boots I instantly fell in love. Of course, the price tag kind of scared me and this is why I decided to get the fake brushes.

Okay, so I decided to get the full collection. The eBay seller provides the names & numbers of the brushes which actually correspond with the real numbering. Unfortunately, the brushes don't have the numbering written on them, but I think I'll be able to deal with it. All of the brushes, by the way, have very soft bristles.

No flash pictures because the flash reflected so much on the brushes

Let's start with the gold brushes. The first one is the Arched Powder Brush #100. I think that this is an ideal powder / bronzer brush.
The second brush is the Triangle Foundation Brush #101. I don't see myself using this brush for the foundation as I am loyal to my beauty blender to deal with my foundation. However, I found this brush to be useful to apply setting powder over my concealer in the under eye area.

Now to the silver brushes. These are eye brushes. The first one is the Oval Shadow Brush #200. The brush is quite big, but I can see myself using it to apply a transition shade onto my lids or blend out a concealer.
The second brush is the Pointed Crease Brush #201. At first, I wasn't sure what to use this brush for. But since it's a crease brush I shall try with this first hehe.
The third brush is an Angled Liner Brush #202. I will not use this brush for my liner. I find that these angled brushes work best for either the eyebrows or applying shadow on the lower lashline. So this is what I am going to be using this for.

Lastly, the rose gold brushes. Oh you guys, this colour on the brushes gives me life. They are so beautiful. Do you agree? Okay, so the first brush is the Tapered Blush Brush #300. Yes, it is totally suitable for blush. Not too big, but not too small either. Just perfect.
The second brush is the Flat Contour Brush #301. Again, I am going to use it what it's made for, especially since I bought the Sleek Cream Contour Kit a few days ago. I can't wait to use them both.

So that is all for today. This is the first part of my eBay Brushes Haul. There will be 3 parts all together. I paid €7.75 for the 7 brushes. I hope you are just as excited as I am! Let me know in the comments below what are your favourite brushes and if you bought any brushes from eBay. Thank you all for reading! Have a lovely weekend and talk to you ladies on Tuesday! <3

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