17 June, 2016

GlossyBox June 2016 - UNBOXING

Hi everyone! How are you all keeping? Today, I'm coming to you with the GlossyBox June unboxing. I'm always so excited when I see that the boxes have been dispatched. This time is a happy time :) This month we actually got 6 items, which made me even more looking forward to opening the box. Without further delay, let's start the unboxing!

1. Spa to You Konjac Sponge - €9.75
Unfortunately while scrolling through Instagram, I came across an unboxing so I have seen what is in the box. This, however, didn't stop me from enjoying the box. When I saw the Konjac Sponge I was thrilled. I was in the process of getting one because I have heard so many good things about it and now I can actually try it out for free! By the way, this is a full-size product.

2. Starskin Eye Catcher, Smoothing Bio Cellulose Eye Mask - €10.50
I am on the hunt for an eye cream to get rid of my dark circles, so I was pretty happy when I saw these eye masks in my box. I have actually tried one of these masks yesterday and I am pretty impressed. It has a cooling effect that feels heavenly on my face. This is not a full sized product, but it's not a sample either. You can get the 2 pack online for the price I have in the heading.

3. De Bruyere After Sun Lotion Monoi - €11.55
GlossyBox is kind of late with the sun products. Hello, I'm back from Tenerife and I won't be using sun products for another year haha. Oh, I wish they knew that. Unfortunately, I won't be having much use of this product but I will keep it because eventually I will need an after sun. This is a full-size product.

4. Ladival Sun Protection Spray SPF 15 - €20.00
Another sun protection product that I won't use in the near future, unfortunately. However, I am happy to see it in my box just like the aftersun lotion. This product has the perfect SPF and is a spray so it's handy for the application.

5. Emite Make Up Lip & Cheek Tint - €19.00
I am always keen on getting makeup. I have never used a lip/cheek tint, so I am super excited to try it. It has a lovely rosy red colour and the best thing is that the colour is buildable. This is a full-sized product.

6. Aussie Hair Care 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner - €1.35 for 20ml
Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we got 6 items in the box this month. I have heard of Aussie before, but I was never pushed to buy it. I always thought that Aussie is too overpriced and I like my Cien hair products because they do the job and are cheap as chips. However, I am delighted that I got a sample in the box. Maybe it will change my mind.

Overall, I noticed that this box is mainly focused on skin care, but I'm not hating. The thing I was most happy about is the Konjac Sponge. It's like a dream come true! The rest of the products are good as well, although I won't be using the aftersun and the sunscreen for a while. I am very pleased with this box. The overall value of the June box is €72.15. And let me tell you, girls... that's a lot of money. You can get your box by clicking my affiliate link HERE.

So that is all for today! I hope you like this post and the unboxings in general. Are you subscribed to GlossyBox? Thank you all for reading and talk to you next week!

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