30 July, 2016

REVIEW: OSHUNwhite Teeth Whitening Oil

Hi all! So it's time for the long awaited review and results of my journey with OSHUNwhite Teeth Whitening Oil. You can read my introduction post HERE and my first impressions post HERE to find out how to use the Whitening Oil. I have used it for the 2 weeks with few days of break in between. There are so many good things about this product, but I also found a few cons. To find out more, keep on reading :)

What the brand says about the product: 
OSHUNwhite works by removing bacteria in the mouth, which are "pulled" out with the oil. This is proven to naturally whiten teeth, reduce plaque and will leave you feeling fresh and clean for hours.

26 July, 2016

MAKEUP HAUL: Drugstore - Essence | Catrice | Bourjois | PS

Hi all. How was your weekend? Today I'm coming to you with a makeup haul. I love shopping for makeup, it's like an obsession ;) For my birthday, I got a Penneys giftcard from my boyfriend's parents and I decided to use it up on some affordable makeup... you can never have enough of it. Get yourself some popcorn and a coffee because it's a long one.

I decided to stock up on my foundations. As you may know from my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review, it is my holy grail, favourite foundation of all times and I will always continue to repurchase it.

22 July, 2016

Kylie Lip Kit: Candy K & Posie K - FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I'm coming with an exciting first impressions post. As you can see from the title I got my hands on the KYLIE LIP KITS! Actually not me, my boyfriend got them for my birthday. He got me 2 lip kits - Candy K and Posie K. I am planning to get more however, they are quite expensive therefore I will need to save up for them.

19 July, 2016

Empties - JULY 2016

Hi everyone! So last week, I turned 21. I'm starting to feel so old... haha :) To be honest, I don't really feel the difference but then do we ever feel it? Today, I'm coming to you with my empties for the month of July. I used up quite a lot of products which I was a little bit surprised with. Anyways, let's get started!

Face & Body

15 July, 2016

GlossyBox July 2016 - UNBOXING

Hello ladies. It is the most exciting time of the month... it's GlossyBox time. I absolutely love this subscription service. In the future, I am planning to subscribe to Birchbox too but it's not gonna happen for a while. Without further delay, let's start unboxing!

12 July, 2016

Gel Nails - Part 2

Hi all! Today I would like to show you some of the latest nails design that I have done both on myself and my friend. I am in the process of moving houses as well, so I'm super excited to have a dedicated space for doing my nails and a beauty corner. Maybe I could start recording some youtube videos, haha?

08 July, 2016

eBay Brushes Haul - Part 3

Hello everyone! Today is the day that I present you with the last part of my eBay Brushes Haul. You can read about Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE. This set is the biggest of them all as it contains both eye brushes and face brushes. As I have mentioned previously, I am planning to get a set of just eye brushes, but I'll wait until my next wages ;)

05 July, 2016

My Work / College Makeup

Hello ladies. Today I would like to show you what products I use for my everyday makeup. To be honest with you, I prefer to have that little bit extra of sleep than glam myself up for work or college. So, my everyday makeup takes about 15 minutes. It's a very simple look, that will definitely make you feel fresh and ready for the day!

01 July, 2016

eBay Brushes Haul - Part 2

Hello ladies and hello July! I have to admit, this year is passing relentlessly. Today I am coming to you with the second part of my eBay Brushes Haul. You can read the Part 1 HERE. The second set is another Real Techniques look-alikes. However, I decided to just buy face brushes. I think though that I will have to order eye brushes specifically because in my third and last set, there wasn't a good variety of eye brushes.