08 July, 2016

eBay Brushes Haul - Part 3

Hello everyone! Today is the day that I present you with the last part of my eBay Brushes Haul. You can read about Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE. This set is the biggest of them all as it contains both eye brushes and face brushes. As I have mentioned previously, I am planning to get a set of just eye brushes, but I'll wait until my next wages ;)

Firstly, girls look at the packaging. The set came in a beautiful cream case to protect them and every brush had a plastic around it as well. To be honest, I won't be using this case because I keep my brushes in the Ikea flower pots but I will pass it onto someone that will find it more useful.

1. Eye Brushes

There are 17 eye brushes in the set. Most of them are synthetic fibre brushes but some are made from real pony hair. I personally prefer the synthetic fibre ones because they are softer but you know, I'm not complaining. There is a good mix of crease brushes, flat shader brushes and pencil brushes. Also, there is a spooly and a lash separating brush. I feel though that I don't have enough crease brushes, so these are the brushes I am going to buy in the near future.

2. Face Brushes

Oh you guys, take a look at these face brushes, aren't they beautiful? I love that duo-fibre effect, even though I don't think they are duo fibre brushes. There is a good selection of powder brushes, bronzer / contouring brushes and blush brushes. As you can see I have already used some of the brushes, I just couldn't resist. They are super soft and blend out products easily.

So that is all for today. I spent €13.00 on this kit. I hope you enjoyed this haul series and that it helped you in some way. Let me know in the comments below if you too bought brushes from eBay and if they were worth the money. Thank you all for reading and talk to you on Tuesday! :)

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