05 July, 2016

My Work / College Makeup

Hello ladies. Today I would like to show you what products I use for my everyday makeup. To be honest with you, I prefer to have that little bit extra of sleep than glam myself up for work or college. So, my everyday makeup takes about 15 minutes. It's a very simple look, that will definitely make you feel fresh and ready for the day!

1. AA Mattifying Makeup Base - €4.60 for 50ml
I got this primer from my best friend a few weeks ago. I have combination skin - oily forehead and inner parts of my cheeks while the rest of the face is normal. Okay, so this primer has a gelly, silicone texture. I find that it dries fairly fast. The primer is not the best but it's definitely not bad either. It mattifies my forehead for about 6 hours, after that time I have to powder / blot my forehead.

2. Bourjois City Radiance in 03 (€13.99 for 30 ml) and Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51 (€12.99 for 30ml)
I am mixing those two foundations together because the City Radiance is a little bit too dark now and the Healthy Mix is still too light. But together they create the perfect shade. The two foundations have different consistencies but that is not a problem because they mix very well. Together they create a medium but buildable coverage.

3. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - €7.99
I have already reviewed this product and I still don't like it. You can read my review HERE. I am using it because I want to empty the product. It was sitting in my drawer for a while as I was finishing my Essence Stay All Day 16h Concealer. But since I finished the Essence Concealer it's time to use this one up too.

4. Catrice All Matte Plus Shine Control Powder in Transparent - €3.99
I totally forgot about this powder. I switched from this to the Wet'n'Wild CoverAll Powder ages ago. However, I started to use this to set my under eye concealer and to further mattify my forehead. I like this powder however, I wish it had a better shade selection.

5. Kiko Eyebrow Precision Pencil in 02 - €5.90 (now on sale for €4.10 on www.kikocosmetics.com)
This eyebrow pencil is one of the best affordable eyebrow pencils on the market. The pencil is thinner than my Catrice Eyebrow Stylist, which gives more precision but it also means you get a little less product. To be honest, I don't care because the quality is worth every penny!

6. Revlon Super Length Mascara - €14.99
I got this mascara in my May GlossyBox, and I have been using it for my lower lashes and as a base for my top lashes. To be honest, I don't think this mascara is worth €15. First of all, it doesn't lengthen my lashes that well and secondly, I don't like the wand. I use it because I hate wasting products, but I would not recommend this particular mascara.

7. Kiko Extra Sculpt Mascara - €8.90
I heard of this mascara through KathleenLights' Youtube channel. She recommended this mascara, and since Kiko is an affordable brand I decided to buy it. I do not regret this decision. This mascara gives a very voluminous effect. So if you are one of the people that prefer length, then this mascara is not for you. However if you love volume like me, then you should go ahead and buy it! Let's not forget that the wand looks like the one from the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ;)

8. Lancome Mini Juice Tube in Watermelon
Lastly, the lips. This step changes every day, but I recently rediscovered a gift that I received from my best friend. For Christmas, she got a gift set of 4 Mini Lancome Juicy Tubes. Girls, the lipglosses smell so good! The scent is so rich and so fruity. The lipglosses are very sticky, but that doesn't bother me. I think that the stickiness makes the product last longer on my lips.

And there you have it. A simple, eight-step makeup look that will take no longer than 15 minutes. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments section what is your everyday makeup look. Does it differ much from my routine?

Thank you all reading and see you on Friday :) Also, let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see on this blog.

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