16 August, 2016

EMPTIES: August 2016

Hello ladies! How's it going? I only have two weeks left of my internship and I'm heartbroken. I have to go back to college for another year, look for a part time job and be broke again. But you know what, it will get better because, after that year, I will be a fully qualified college graduate with good experience and I will finally be able to work full time. Anyways, today's post is about my August Empties. I used more skincare products rather than makeup but that's normal with me. Let's get started. I have to put a disclaimer here, I just got a camera and I'm still working with the lighting and the flash. Some pictures are overexposed, unfortunately, but I will try and make it work for the next post so please forgive me for that.

Hair Care & Body Care

I used up my Cien Repair & Care Conditioner. I mentioned this product a lot on my blog but this line is one of the best hair care lines available. It always will be a HIT for me.
However, Lidl came out with new hair care products and I picked up a different conditioner but it is not as good as this one, but you know I gotta try out other stuff too. I also finished my Cien Shower Gel in Lime Kick. I have already repurchased a different scent - the one in the pink bottle. I adore these gels and they are definitely a HIT.

Skin Care
Excuse the overexposed picture...

I used up my Cien Facial Wipes. You already know that they are a HIT for me and I repurchase them religiously. I also got this Cien Gentle Facial Milk ages ago and I actually like this. It does a good job of removing makeup and cleansing my face while being very gentle. I will repurchase this very soon and yes, it is a HIT.

Now we're going to get a little negative, just a little, I promise. I got the Declare Cleansing Milk in my SoSueMe Goodie Bag. I was super excited to use this product because SoSueMe raved about it so much. You can imagine how disappointed I was when this little thing broke me out. I don't really understand why if it's suitable for sensitive skin but I got a lot of red zits after using this cleansing milk. Both bottles are still almost half full, but I can't use them so I'm just going to trash them. Therefore, I have to say that it's a MISS for me. Lastly for skin care, I used up this Bandi Intensive Nourishing Cream that I got in my April GlossyBox. I honestly like this cream very much. It moisturised my skin, it didn't break me out and it had the perfect light texture. This was a HIT for me and I am considering repurchasing this little bad boy soon.


Please welcome back the best face powder ever - the Wet n Wild Coverall Face Powder. I have probably mentioned this on the blog as well, but it is my holy grail powder. I have to go and repurchase this ASAP! The packaging is so dirty, but it's going to the bin anyways. As you already know it is a HIT! I also decided to throw away my Penneys Beauty Sponge, because I picked up a new one recently. I know it's nowhere near as good as the OG Beauty Blender, but I can't justify spending €20 on a sponge.


This is the first time ever, that I used up a whole bottle of perfume. This is the Katy Perry Royal Revolution. I am a sweet and fruity perfume kind of girl and this perfume is exactly that. Thankfully, I have another one in my collection and I'm already using it. This is a hard HIT for me and when I run out of my back up I will repurchase it again and again and again :) 

So that is it for my August Empties. I want to apologise again for some of the pictures, I am trying to find the best place to take them and the best lighting so please bare with me. Thank you all for reading! Let me know in the comments down below if you have used any of the products that I have used up in the last month. Hope you have a lovely week and talk to you all on Friday! 

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