23 August, 2016

NEW PURCHASE: Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Hello my loves! How are you all doing today? It has not been my weekend... but everything worked out in the end. Oh you guys, it's the last week of my internship. And I still haven't found a part-time job. Hopefully, I'll get one soon! Today, I'm coming to you with my most recent purchase. This is not a first impressions post, because it's a skin care item but I actually bought it yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I'm speaking of the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

As you may know from my August Empties, I ran out of the Bandi Moisturising Cream. I will get this product in the future but I hate the way it's not readily available, like the Simple brand. The reason why I got the Simple moisturiser is because I have tried their Micellar Water and I loved it so much I even reviewed it! It was so gentle and took off my makeup like a dream.

Now, I did make a huge mistake... I didn't read the ingredients carefully. After coming home, I sat down to read the box properly and take a closer look at the ingredients and I noticed that it contains Mineral Oil... why, Simple... why?! I did some research afterwards and found out that the Rich Moisturiser doesn't contain it. I'm going to use it and see how it works, but you know what I'm going to buy next time...

Anyways, the product comes in a flexible bottle that is quite handy and easy to use. You get 125ml of product which is a lot! Usually, a moisturiser whether potted, in a bottle or in a tube, is about 50ml to 100ml of product. I got it in Tesco for €5.88, which is an incredibly good price for a moisturiser. When I swatched the product on my hand and massaged it in, I could feel the lightness. Let's hope that it will moisturise my face ;)

In a couple of weeks I will check back with you and share my in-depth opinion on this cream. But that is all for today! I do have a review coming up for you on Friday! It's on a lip product I got in one of my GlossyBoxes. Can you guess what it is? Thank you all for reading :) I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to let me know in the comments down below what your favourite moisturiser is. Maybe, I'll try it next time!

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